Your breast augmentation should be as unique as your body, which is why Dr. Rifai offers a range of breast augmentation options to suit your individual needs.

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Customizing Your Breast Augmentation

When it comes to customizing your breast augmentation, there are several specific decision you will make related to:

  • The size of the implants
  • The type of implants used
  • The placement of the implants
  • The location of the incision

During your personal consultation Dr. Rifai will discuss these options in depth to help you make informed decisions.

Choosing Your Breast Implant Type

There are two main types of breast implants available:

  • Saline – Implants filled with a salt-water solution that can be increased or decreased after placement to adjust size
  • Silicone – Implants using a soft, pliant gel material that mimics the feel of natural breast tissue and comes in a wide variety of pre-determined sizes

Your decision will ultimately depend on your aesthetic goals and physical needs.

Incision Location Options

The type of breast implant you choose will subsequently affect the incision location options that are available to you:

  • Inframammary (under the breast) – Viable for both implant types.
  • Periariolar (around the nipple) – Does not accommodate silicone implants
  • Transaxillary (in the armpit) – Generally only feasible with saline implants.

Each location will produce a different scar as well, and Dr. Rifai can explain these more in depth.

Breast Implant Placement Methods

When it comes to breast implant placement methods, there are two main options:

  • Sub-glandular placement – Implants above the muscle tend to result in a higher breast profile, faster recovery, and minimal swelling, however this position is more likely to interfere with mammogram accuracy.
  • Sub-muscular placement – Implants below the chest muscle may require a longer recovery, however this method has a lower rate of capsular contracture and provides a more natural look for most women.

To help you make informed decisions for every customization, Dr. Rifai will discuss each of your breast augmentation options with you in detail during your consultation.

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