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Dr. Rifai Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Rifai, Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Rouchdi Rifai, MD has over 30 years of experience in comsetic surgery. Dr. Rifai – Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, strives to make a positive impact in the lives of his patients through a variety of beauty-enhancing procedures.

He achieves this by offering the latest and safest procedures available, coupled with an eye for artistry. Your consultation with him is unhurried as he takes the time to truly understand what you’re looking for.

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Patient Testimonial

“The x-ray technician doing my mammogram said my breast implants were the best she had ever seen or touched. She even wanted my cosmetic surgeon’s name. I believe this is the ultimate compliment.”
Breast Implants Patient

Breast Surgery Procedures We Offer

Dr. Rifai knows that every woman is unique, which is why we offer a range of  breast surgery options including:

  • Breast Implants – An ideal procedure for enlarging your breasts as well as correcting asymmetry and sagging, restoring volume and firmness and facilitating breast reconstruction.
  • Breast lift – Targets issues with age-related sagging and helps restore breasts to a pre-pregnancy appearance and firmness.
  • Breast reduction – This reconstructive procedure reduces the size and weight of oversized breasts that can limit physical activity and cause a range of problems.
  • Breast implant removal – For women who wish to remove their breast implants due to lifestyle or bodily changes.
  • Breast implant replacement – For women who have changed their minds about the size or type of implant, or who have safety concerns or corrective intentions.

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