Make A Small Change With An Areola Reduction

Dr. Rifai’s areola reduction procedure can address enlarged areolas that are typical after pregnancy and lactation. Smaller areolas can help you achieve a more attractive and balanced look, while boosting your self-image.

Areola Reduction- Overview

With your help, Michigan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rifai will outline your desired areola size. During the areola reduction, Dr. Rifai will remove excess areolar skin in the shape of a donut in order to match the preferred circumference.  The area is then closed using a purse string suture. Though scarring may occur depending on your age, race and other factors, Dr. Rifai will work to minimize scarring.

Areola Reduction- Recovery

Recovery is minimal and you should be back to a normal schedule within a day or two. There is little to no discomfort following the procedure. After recovery, you’ll still be able to breast-feed and maintain normal nipple sensation.

Dr. Rifai has 25 years of experience in breast augmentation procedures and will discuss all of the aspects of an areola reduction during your consultation.

Frequently Asked Areola Reduction Questions

Q: Will I lose sensation in my nipple after the surgery?
Answer: Typically no because the sensory nerves supplying sensation to the nipple and areola come from the depths of the breast tissue directly below the nipple and areola.

Q: Will there be a permanent scar? 
Answer: Yes, and the scar quality may vary depending on the patient’s age, race and other factors.

Q: Will I lose my ability to breast feed?
Answer: No, since interference with the milk ducts does not occur.