Rejuvenate Your Eyes With A Lower Eyelid Lift

Baggy, puffy eyelids can make you appear tired and more aged. Despite getting plenty of sleep, it is still possible to have lingering bags under your eyes from excess skin and fat. Dr. Rifai’s lower eyelid lift can eliminate excess skin and fat from your lower eyelid, making your eyes appear smoother and more rested.

Lower Eyelid Lift- Overview

This outpatient procedure generally takes approximately 1 hour. During the procedure, Michigan facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rifai will make small incisions just below the eyelashes. Excess skin and muscles are then removed and the incisions are closed with fine sutures.

An alternative to this procedure can be used to address excess fat in the lower eyelid. Dr. Rifai will smooth the appearance of bulging lower eyelids using a small instrument to remove the fatty deposits. With this procedure, sutures are not required and there is minimal recovery time.

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Lower Eyelid Surgery- Recovery

After a lower eyelid lift, cold compresses are applied to the area for approximately 3 days to reduce swelling and bruising. Some swelling and bruising may last approximately 10-14 days. Patients commonly report no discomfort during recovery and can return to work in 2-3 days. Any sutures are removed one week after the procedure. Scarring is minimal and over time will fade away.

Dr. Rifai has helped hundreds of patients feel better about their appearance and can answer any of your questions about a lower eyelid lift during your consultation.

Recovery Time: Eyelid Surgery-Lower Lids

For both procedures, bruising and swelling can last 10-14 days. However applying a cold compress after the lower blepharoplasty for three days can initially help reduce that. If you don’t mind your initial post-op appearance, you can return to light work in two or three days.

Sutures are removed a week after the lower blepharoplasty. Although there will be scars, but they won’t be noticeable because they’re placed in the eyelid crease. You can resume strenuous activities six weeks after the eyelid lift.

For those who opt for the transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty, the recovery time is much quicker due to the lack of sutures.  To learn more about lower eyelid surgery contact our Michigan facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rifai , to schedule a consultation.