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Good Candidates for Body Contouring

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Are you considering body contouring procedures because you have sagging skin or have stubborn areas of fat that exercise won’t solve?   Before you take the next step it’s important to consider if body contouring procedures are right for you.

Southfield cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rifai says there are many body contouring procedures available and knowing how to choose can be difficult. With over 25 years of experience he says each patient is unique and will need different procedures to create their desired look. Consult your surgeon to explore your options.

Reasons for Body Contouring

Body contouring may be an option for a number of candidates.  Some of the arguments in favor of this cosmetic surgery include:

  • Tightening excess skin
  • Removing any loose skin folds
  • Taking away any localized fatty deposits

Our Michigan cosmetic surgeon will work with you to determine the right treatment plan and help you sculpt your body into the aesthetically pleasing shape you desire.

Are You a Good Candidate for Body Contouring?

There are a number of considerations to determine whether or not body contouring is the right choice for you.  Good candidates for this procedure are:

  • Individuals who are healthy and have no medical conditions which will impede healing or increase surgical risks
  • Non smoking
  • Adults who have realistic goals and a positive outlook for their treatment plan
  • Grown ups who lost weight and have maintained it over a stable period of time
  • People who are committed to healthy fitness and nutrition post-surgery.

There are several body contouring procedures and you may be only considering one specific one or maybe several.  Dr. Rifai will work with you closely to understand your circumstances and your desired outcomes in order for you to have a successful experience.

If you’re ready to transform your body and want to explore body contouring procedures contact Southfield cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rifai.

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