Is One Breast Implant Manufacturer Better Than Another?

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In the United States, there are two main breast implant manufacturers: Mentor and Allergan (Natrelle). Both produce breast implants that are nearly identical in terms of features and quality, and offer outstanding warranty programs. The only real difference between the two companies is the sizing system they use.

Choosing the right surgeon is much more important than which breast implant manufacturer they use. Usually, surgeons opt to use one manufacturer over another simply based on their training, and how familiar they are with the dimensions and sizing that particular company uses. Breast surgeons tend to stick with a single manufacturer because their extensive knowledge of the options available allows them to guide patients more accurately through the selection process, and achieve more predictable results.

The skill of your breast surgeon will always be the most influential factor in the success of your breast augmentation. Make sure you select a surgeon who has the experience, qualifications, and attentive, personal care you deserve as a patient. Most importantly, make sure they are board certified.

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