There are many decisions you will make in consultation with Dr. Rifai about your breast augmentation procedure. One of the most important options you’ll need to consider is the size of your breast implants. To get an idea of what size may be best for you, you can start with some of these visualization techniques before you visit one of our Michigan locations.

Cup Size Can Be Deceptive

The first thing to keep in mind is that bra cup size isn’t as standard as you might think. Bras vary wildly from brand to brand. A 34A bra you buy at Store A might actually be a B cup at Store B.

Because of this and other factors, it’s not particularly useful to think of your ideal breast implant size in terms of bra cup measurements. You can keep that number in mind and use it as a simple reference point in conversations about your breast implant options, but during your consultation with Dr. Rifai you will discuss the standard measurements for breast implants – cubic centimeters (cc’s).


The easiest method of visualizing your ideal breast size is to consult photographs. Try to find pictures of women whose look you appreciate. Look for the details in these photos beyond just size. How do you like the shape? Does the woman have an attractive profile?

When you’re discussing breast implant sizes with Dr. Rifai, we’ll provide you with before and after breast augmentation photos. With these pictures, you’ll get a sense of what these implants look like on women with different frames.

Physical Examples

Before your visit, you can get an idea of what different sized breast implants will feel and look like on your body by using the “rice test.” By pouring rice (or oatmeal or other similar food) into a plastic bag, you can approximate a breast implant.

One ounce of rice is roughly equal to a 30cc breast implant. Experimenting with different amounts of rice will give you an idea of what size implant would look good on your frame.

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