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Do I Need Liposuction?

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Sometimes for Detroit residents, spending hours in the gym isn’t enough to tone and sculpt our bodies. Instead, the hard work we put into disciplined fitness regimes and balanced diets ends up completely hidden beneath unresponsive fat deposits. If you suffer from this problem, Dr. Rifai’s liposuction procedure may be able to help.

There is, however, an important distinction to be made between liposuction and weight loss. Liposuction procedures are not intended to treat obesity, and are not recommended as a weight-loss tool. In actuality, liposuction is a body contouring procedure for candidates who are already near their ideal body weight.

Liposuction can be used to treat a range of areas including:

  • The abdomen and waist
  • The cheeks, chin and neck
  • The arms, thighs and buttocks

There are some instances when liposuction might not be a viable option, or isn’t the best procedure available. Sometimes to address the stomach area, a tummy tuck might be more ideal, or to address multiple issues simultaneously, a mommy makeover might be a more optimal choice.

The best way to determine if liposuction is the right option for you is to speak to your Detroit cosmetic surgeon today.

If you are interested in sculpting your body with liposuction, contact Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery  at (248) 723-9370 today to schedule a consultation in Detroit, MI.

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