A Smoother, More Natural Contour With A Pubic Lift

Changes in weight and pregnancy can impact the tissue over the pubic bone, making the area appear protruded. This can affect how you look and feel in clothing or in the nude. Dr. Rifai’s pubic lift procedure can correct this area, giving you a smoother, more natural contour.

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Pubic Lift –  Overview

Dr. Rifai will use his years of experience to determine the exact technique right for you. All of the techniques that Dr. Rifai utilizes help minimize scarring and protect sensation to the area.

Pubic Lift – Recovery

Recovery time from a pubic lift is approximately 7-10 days. You may experience some moderate discomfort, however this is controllable with pain medication. There may be some swelling in the pubic area, and this will generally subside within 4-6 weeks. It is normal to have some degree of numbness, especially near the incision area, however this will vary for each individual.

Dr. Rifai has extensive experience with over 25 years of practice in cosmetic surgery and can answer any of your questions about a pubic lift during your consultation.

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