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Multiple factors can contribute to common signs of aging like poor elasticity in the skin, wrinkles, sagging, and more. These include sun damage, genetics, repetitive facial expressions, and more. For patients with noticeable aging signs in the lower portions of the face, a facelift can be beneficial. However, a full, traditional facelift is not always necessary to meet their goal results. For this reason, Dr. Rifai offers a mini facelift option. This is a great choice for Detroit area patients looking for a more youthful appearance without the extensive incisions and downtime of a full facelift.

What is a Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift is a surgical procedure intended to resolve signs of aging in the lower face such as wrinkles and jowls. It is a less extensive alternative to a full or traditional facelift and is sometimes referred to as a “weekend facelift” or “lunchtime facelift,” as the procedure requires less time overall to complete at has reduced downtime compared to a traditional facelift.

How is a Mini Facelift Performed?

A mini facelift is performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation. To complete a mini facelift, Dr. Rifai will make small incisions along the hairline, typically beginning from the front of the ear and extending just behind the earlobe. Through these incisions, the underlying tissues of the lower face are repositioned and tightened for a smoother appearance. In addition, excess skin and fat are removed to reduce sagging. With these steps complete, the incisions can then be closed using sutures.

Who is a Candidate for a Mini Facelift?

Typical candidates for a mini facelift have some degree of wrinkles or deeper-set lines in the lower third of the face and neck areas. They also typically have jowls, a poorly-defined jawline, and sagging or drooping skin. However, these patients will most often have less pronounced aging signs compared to a candidate for a full or traditional facelift. This allows them to opt for a less invasive mini facelift. During a consultation, Dr. Rifai will evaluate your concerns and recommend whether a traditional facelift or a mini facelift is the best option for you. Patients should also be aware that a mini facelift only addresses signs of aging in the lower face. For this reason, it can be recommended to pair the mini facelift with options to complement overall results, including:

Meet Dr. Rifai

Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

A talented, board-certified cosmetic surgeon with more than forty years of experience, Dr. Rifai uses only the finest equipment in our clean, state-of-the-art facility. Dr. Rifai knows that taking time to listen and learn about your expectations is essential to giving you the results you want. He will answer your questions and explain the treatment options in detail. Dr. Rifai is devoted to improving the way you look, the way you perceive yourself, and the way others see you.

Meet Dr. Rifai

Recovery After a Mini Facelift

One of the primary benefits of a mini facelift is reduced downtime and recovery compared to a traditional facelift. Most patients are ready to return to work or other normal routines within a few days of their procedure. Common side effects include redness, bruising, swelling, and some discomfort. This can be treated using pain medication as prescribed by Dr. Rifai. Cold compresses can also be beneficial in reducing swelling and bruising. Sutures are generally removed about ten days after the procedure.

What Our Patients Say

“I just love my visits at Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery for all my skin care needs. It’s nice to walk in and be greeted by Megan. She is very friendly and she makes you feel welcome with all of your skin care needs. Dr. Fadi Is friendly and patient when it comes to listening to my skin care. He’s truly one of the best in the business! I would highly recommended booking an appointment as soon as they become available. They have special packages every few months and the results last a long time.”

- ML

“I absolutely adore Dr.Rifai. He’s kind and soft spoken. He takes his time with you to explain everything and answer any questions or concerns. He’s honest and patient. I know several people that have seen him, and his work is impeccable.”

- LL

“I love my experience’s at Birmingham Cosmetics. Kaitlyn is amazing with injections. I get an improved look without being overdone. Brittany gives a great hydro glow facial and she does an excellent job on dermaplaning. It is a truly pampered experience and I always feel refreshed afterwards. Thank you for the awesome care you take with me.”

- ES

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