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While common, skin concerns including wrinkles, fine lines, and acne can be frustrating. Thankfully, there are minimally invasive, high-tech options available to restore confidence without requiring extensive downtime or uncomfortable side effects. Advanced laser treatments can improve the overall appearance of the skin by stimulating new collagen. One such option available to Detroit-area patients is Cool Touch III Plus.

What is Cool Touch III Plus?

Cool Touch III Plus is a laser treatment that is also known as CoolBreeze. The treatment is intended to treat a range of visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles by restoring natural collagen. In addition, Cool Touch III Plus can be used to treat acne. The system utilizes intense pulsed light, or IPL, as well as radio frequencies to trigger collagen production. Cool Touch III Plus is a safe and suitable option for a wide range of patients.

 The Cool Touch III Plus Procedure

During the Cool Touch III Plus treatment, you will be given dark glasses to protect your eyes. In addition, a protective coolant is applied to the skin to help maintain your comfort throughout the procedure. The IPL and radio frequency energy is then directed to the skin through the specialized Cool Touch III Plus handpiece. Depending on the size of the treatment area, Cool Touch III Plus treatment takes between 10 and 30 minutes to complete. The treatment is pain-free.

Meet Dr. Rifai

Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

A talented, board-certified cosmetic surgeon with more than forty years of experience, Dr. Rifai uses only the finest equipment in our clean, state-of-the-art facility. Dr. Rifai knows that taking time to listen and learn about your expectations is essential to giving you the results you want. He will answer your questions and explain the treatment options in detail. Dr. Rifai is devoted to improving the way you look, the way you perceive yourself, and the way others see you.

Meet Dr. Rifai

Who is a Good Candidate for Cool Touch III Plus?

Cool Touch III Plus is a non-invasive treatment suitable for a wide range of patients and concerns. The treatment can be used for common conditions including:

  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Irregular skin tone
  • Irregular texture
  • Lack of collagen causing poor elasticity or other issues

During a consultation, Dr. Rifai or a member of our team of experts will review your concerns, your skin type, and your health history to determine whether Cool Touch III Plus is a safe and suitable treatment option for you. Depending on these factors, they may recommend another non-surgical treatment or a combination of treatments to best meet your goals.

After Cool Touch III Plus Treatment

Cool Touch III Plus treatment requires no downtime. However, it does result in photosensitivity. For this reason, it is important to avoid direct sun exposure and use SPF as directed.

Results from Cool Touch III Plus treatment are immediately visible. Patients will notice reduced fine lines and wrinkles with smoother and more luminous skin. These results will continue to improve over time as additional collagen develops.

Cool Touch III Plus results are long-lasting, however, they are not permanent. In most cases, it is recommended that patients receive treatment at least once a month for about four to six months in total. This varies depending on your treatment goals, the severity of your skin concerns, and more. During a consultation, a customized treatment plan can be determined for you.

What Our Patients Say

“I had a wonderful experience at BCS from start to finish. Dr. Rifai did my surgery and he made sure to address every question or concern that I had. It is so nice to find a Surgeon who takes his time and makes you feel safe and sure about the whole process and an office that is so welcoming by every single staff member each time I am there. I love Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery and look forward to future appointments with Dr Rifai and his staff.”

- SC

“Fadi Mayta did my Botox & Juvaderm which I bought on Groupon. He did a fantastic job & I’m thinking of getting a procedure to eliminate the bags under my eyes.”

- EW

“I just love my visits at Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery for all my skin care needs. It’s nice to walk in and be greeted by Megan. She is very friendly and she makes you feel welcome with all of your skin care needs. Dr. Fadi Is friendly and patient when it comes to listening to my skin care. He’s truly one of the best in the business! I would highly recommended booking an appointment as soon as they become available. They have special packages every few months and the results last a long time.”

- ML

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about Cool Touch III Plus, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rifai. Call Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery at (248) 723-9370.

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