Restore Symmetry To Enlarged Labia

Prominent labia can cause irritation and discomfort in the genital area, especially during sexual intercourse. Dr. Rifai’s labiaplasty procedure can help improve symmetry to the labia and decrease irritation associated with enlarged labia.

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Labiaplasty- Overview

Dr. Rifai will customize your labiaplasty to suit you perfectly. During this cosmetic surgery procedure, any excess tissue from the inner labia will be removed, reducing the overall size of the labia and providing symmetry.

Labiaplasty- Recovery

When recovering from a labiaplasty, you may experience some moderate discomfort initially following the procedure. However, any discomfort should resolve itself quickly. You may have some slight swelling, however this will decrease in 4-6 weeks. You should avoid any vigorous physical activities, including sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks.

Loss of sensation is unusual. Although with any surgical procedure in that specific area a change or loss of sensation could occur.

Clients say that Dr. Rifai is one of the warmest, most gentle doctors. Dr. Rifai can answer even your most sensitive questions about a labiaplasty during your consultation.

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