Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy

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When considering the best time to get breast augmentation, you may want to consider how it will affect your pregnancy and how pregnancy can affect your breast augmentation results. Many of our Detroit area patients are concerned about these issues.

At Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery & , we are happy to answer your questions so that you feel comfortable with the timing of your breast augmentation. Call us today at 248-723-9370 to schedule your consultation.

Breast Augmentation Before Pregnancy

Many women have breast augmentation before pregnancy. Just because you want kids someday doesn’t mean you should put off looking and feeling your best right now.

Breast implants do not affect your ability to get pregnant, and they do not affect the developing fetus. Women with breast implants give birth every day.

Breastfeeding with breast implants is still feasible too. Make sure to discuss your desire to breastfeed with Dr. Rifai as some surgical techniques can make it more likely that you will be successful at breastfeeding.

Your breasts will change significantly during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many patients are still satisfied with their breast augmentation results afterward, but some want a revision procedure. It’s a personal preference for every woman, but something to keep in mind.

Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy

After having children is a perfect time to get a boob job. In fact, many of our Detroit area patients take advantage of our mommy makeover procedure to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies. With a mommy makeover, you can combine procedures like breast augmentation and tummy tuck so that you have one recovery period and see a dramatic overall difference.

Waiting until after pregnancy to get your breast implants means that you can correct the imperfections that appear for most mothers. However, many patients who have a boob job before pregnancy are just as happy with their look after pregnancy.

To discuss how breast augmentation can enhance your figure either before or after pregnancy, please contact Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery & today for your consultation in the Detroit area.

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