Breast Feeding with Breast Implants

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If you are contemplating getting breast implants and have yet to start a family, you may have questions about breast feeding and breast implants.  The good news is that for many women who receive implants and later start a family, they are able to give their child the benefits of  breastfeeding without complication.

That said, research indicates there may be a slight risk that a breast augmentation procedure can impact your ability to breastfeed effectively. If you’re considering both breast implants and pregnancy, board-certified Detroit cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rouchdi Rifai, MD can discuss any concerns you may have and advise you.

Breast Implant Incisions and Breastfeeding

Breast feeding can be a cause for anxiety with or without any breast augmentation.  Although contouring your body with breast implants does come with some concerns – the ability to breastfeed is not one of them.  The breast enhancement surgery does not damage any nerves or the milk ducts themselves in ways that may interfere with your ability to breastfeed.

There are many studies that have looked at factors that may affect a woman’s success at breastfeeding.

Implant Types

Research shows that while there may be some concerns for breastfeeding if you have had breast implants, the evidence is inconclusive in terms of showing real harm.  The two types of implant are:

  • Silicone-filled gel implants
  • Saline-filled implants

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), silicone gel implants have been proven to be safe for breastfeeding women.  Also, the American Academy of Pediatrics officially states that there is little evidence to show that women with silicone breast implants should not breastfeed. Our board certified cosmetic surgeon will compassionately listen to any concerns you may have and help you create a treatment plan which allows you to attain future life goals; like being able to breastfeed.

For answers to your questions regarding breast implants and breast feeding, contact Detroit board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rouchdi Rifai, MD, to review all the details. Or, call 248-723-9370 for your preliminary consultation.

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