Reduce The Size Of Your Nipples

If you feel uncomfortable with the size of your nipples under clothes or in the nude, or have suffered from irritation and chaffing, then nipple reduction is a simple solution. Dr. Rifai’s nipple reduction breast surgery procedure is an easy and quick way to reduce the size of your nipples.

Nipple Reduction- Overview

Dr. Rifai will use a wedge removal of some of the nipple tissue, then close the resulting incision with sutures. This procedure lasts approximately an hour. Scarring may result from the procedure, however this will be minor due to the nature of the nipple tissue.

Nipple Reduction- Recovery

This breast surgery procedure is so minimal that there is no significant recovery time.  There may be some loss or change in the quality of nipple sensation. Depending on the extent of the procedure, breast-feeding may or may not be affected.

Dr. Rifai is an expert in breast augmentation procedures and can discuss all aspects of a nipple reduction during your consultation.

Frequently Asked Nipple Reduction Questions

Q: Does this procedure interfere with breast feeding?
Answer: Depending on the extent of the procedure, it may or may not affect the ability to breast feed.

Q: Will there be a permanent scar? 
Answer: Although a scar will result from the procedure, it is usually insignificant due to the nature of the nipple tissue.

Q: Is there loss of nipple sensation?
Answer: Some degree of loss or change in the quality of sensation may occur.