Detroit Liposuction Recovery

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Recovery from your Detroit liposuction procedure will be dependent on factors unique to you. While Southfield liposuction surgeon Dr. Rouchdi Rifai utilizes advanced liposuction techniques that may reduce recovery time, your body’s natural healing abilities will certainly play a role in your recovery. So too will how closely you follow Dr. Rifai’s pre and postoperative advice.

The most effective ways to reduce your risk of complications and promote a healthy and speedy recovery will be discussed with you in full during your initial liposuction consultation.

Typical Recovery

Recovery is different for everyone, but in general you should be able to return to work within five to seven days of your procedure. By this point discomfort should be minimal and swelling should have gradually started to subside. You may still experience some swelling for one or more months.

Strenuous activities may need to be avoided for four to six weeks, but this is largely dependent on how you are recovering and should be determined by Dr. Rifai during your follow-up visits. We will work closely with you during your liposuction recovery to help ensure the safest and fastest recovery possible.

For more information about liposuction in the Detroit or Southfield, Michigan areas, please contact Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery & today to schedule an initial consultation with board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rifai.

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