How Does Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction Work?

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Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is one of the types of liposuction that Southfield cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rifai offers our patients to remove stubborn areas of fat that do not respond well to diet and exercise.

With ultrasound-assisted liposuction the fat in the treatment area is subjected to ultrasonic energy that liquefies the fat under your skin. Before the procedure a local or general anesthetic will be applied. Dr. Rifai will make small incisions in the treatment area to insert the cannula (tube) used for suction.

During this body contouring procedure, ultrasound waves above the human range of hearing are targeted at your fat cells to break them up under your skin. Then Dr. Rifai uses the small cannula to gently suction out the liquefied fat. The targeted application of the ultrasound waves causes less damage to surrounding tissues, leaving you with less bruising and a shorter recovery period than traditional liposuction techniques.

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