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Significant breast deflation after childbearing and nursing is a common challenge for many mothers seeking breast augmentation. Other women lose breast volume following significant weight loss or through normal aging. Whether you’ve experienced these issues, or just want to enhance your figure, Detroit cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rouchdi Rifai can help you get the shape you want and the confidence you desire.

Breast Augmentation (Before and After)

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While breast augmentation offers many benefits, some patients simply want to regain the volume they once had, having lost it to circumstances such as:


All bodies react differently after pregnancy. Some breasts become forever enlarged. Others return their original, or smaller, sizes. Generally, you should postpone any elective surgery, such as breast augmentation, for several months after giving birth. You should complete breastfeeding and give your body time to regain to its normal weight and hormonal rhythm before making another major change. Consult with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to determine when the time is right. Once you’re ready, breast augmentation, or a complete mommy makeover, can help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape.

Weight Loss

Breasts are composed of fatty tissue and can lose their shape and fullness when you lose weight. Breast volume can diminish if you only lose 10 or 15 pounds, but if you’ve lost a considerable amount of weight due to diet or bariatric surgery, the change in volume can be substantial. Under these circumstances, you should postpone breast implants until you’ve successfully reached and maintained your desired weight. If you continue to lose weight, or gain weight back, you can hinder the results of your procedure.


Menopause triggers most age-related changes to the breasts, typically somewhere between the ages of 45 and 55. As you get older, the tissue and structure of your breasts begins to change, reducing firmness and fullness. Also during this time, your risk of developing growths such as fibroids and cysts increases. As you naturally age, your breasts may suffer from:

  • Unevenness
  • Flattened, stretched appearance
  • Displaced nipples
  • Wide space between breasts

You don’t have to lament the negative effects that pregnancy, weight loss and aging have on your breasts. Breast augmentation can help you regain the volume of your breasts and improve the balance of your figure.

To find out if breast augmentation is right for you, please call (248) 723-9370 to schedule a consultation with Detroit cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rouchdi Rifai. Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery & welcomes patients from Birmingham, Dundee and Jackson, Michigan.

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