How the Right Bra Can Keep Your Boob Job Looking Great

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To maintain your natural-looking results from your boob job, you will want choose the right bra to support your implants. Following your surgery, we will supply you with compression garments and recovery bras to be worn during your initial healing period. These bras are made from comfortable material that will not irritate your incisions and will also provide superior support for your breast implants.

This will take care of your needs for the first few months following your surgery—but what should you wear after that to provide the best support and comfort?

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters, not in cup size, so the size you think you need may actually not fit you correctly. In addition, there are often variances among bra manufacturers in sizing.

You will need to try on new sizes and new styles to find the ones that provide you with comfortable support. The new size will be accompanied by a fuller volume and new profile, and it’s important to consider how your bra will look under your clothing. Don’t be afraid to try on multiple styles and sizes, and see how they fit under your clothes and look in a mirror.

Bras with underwire are safe to wear after your breasts have healed. The important thing when selecting a bra with underwire is to ensure the wire follows the curve of your implant, and does not make your breasts look misshapen or cause physical discomfort.

For women who work out, a sports bra should be considered a necessity. Your sports bra should be replaced every 6 to 12 months to ensure it continues to provide optimal support.

No matter what type of bra you choose, wearing a bra after breast augmentation is necessary to maintain your results. Even if your breasts seem to be able to support themselves after your surgery, gravity will continue to perform its job and can cause even the firmest breasts to sag. The right bra will enhance your profile and helps maintain your beautiful new figure.

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