Am I a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

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An abdominoplasty is the medical term for a tummy tuck. The best candidates for a tummy tuck are individuals who are no more than moderately overweight and who are suffering from fat deposits and/or loose skin around their abdomen that they cannot eliminate through diet and exercise.  A large number of tummy tuck patients that live in and around Detroit are women who have had more than one pregnancy and whose abdominal muscles and skin have not returned to normal on their own.

Tummy tuck candidates should:

  • Be in reasonably good health
  • Be close to your ideal body weight
  • Not be planning additional pregnancies

A tummy tuck is an excellent option for those who not only want excess fat and skin removed from their mid-section, but who also need their abdominal muscles tightened. The procedure results in a slimmer look, but it must be maintained with a healthy lifestyle.

If you are in the Detroit area and interested in learning more about a tummy tuck, please contact Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery & today at (248) 723-9370. We want to help you improve your appearance. During your initial consultation, you will be evaluated to determine if you are a good candidate for this type of procedure.

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