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Types of Breast agumentation

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Women who choose breast augmentation now have more implant options than ever before. But sorting through all of the information can be confusing. We’re always happy to answer our patients’ questions about breast augmentation before, during, and after the procedure.

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Breast Implant Types

The two major types of breast implants are saline and silicone. Each offers its own comparative advantages and disadvantages:

  • Saline implants are filled with a sterile salt water solution after placement. This means that only a small incision is needed as the implant will grow after it is placed. This is an excellent option for women with uneven breasts, as it allows the relative sizes to be adjusted after placement.
  • Silicone implants are placed at their full size, so a larger incision is required. But many patients and surgeons feel that silicone implants look and feel more natural than saline implants.

Ultimately, the implant you choose is a personal decision to be made with your cosmetic surgeon. While your desired appearance and medical history play a major role, there are other considerations you might not have considered, which Dr. Rifai will discuss with you. For example, if you are very active in sports, a smaller implant might be preferable to larger models. It’s also worth noting that silicone implants are only FDA-approved for women over the age of 21, while women as young as 18 may receive saline implants.

Are Breast Implants Right For Me?

Women who wish to achieve a fuller chest appearance are perhaps the most obvious candidates for breast implant surgery, but other circumstances might prompt you to learn more about today’s implant options. For example, if you have previously undergone breast augmentation and wish to replace your breast implants for any reason, then it pays to learn more about your options before having your current implants removed.

You will also need to consider your aesthetic goals. Your individual shape, placement method, and other factors all determine the final appearance and size of your new figure. Our experienced cosmetic surgeon can help establish your breast implant candidacy during your consultation.

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