When you undergo breast augmentation, your results don’t have to be permanent. If you opted for breast implants in the past, but your personal needs and preferences have changed, you can remove your implants to reflect these changes.

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Is Breast Implant Removal Right For You?

There are a number of reasons why you may no longer want to have breast implants, and breast implant removal can be an ideal procedure for women who:

  • Are dissatisfied with how their breast implants look or feel
  • Have experienced complications with their breast implants
  • No longer wish to have breast implants

Sometimes when women opt for breast implant removal, breasts can appear saggy or deflated. If your breasts lose volume or sag when your implants are removed, Dr. Rifai can perform a variety of other breast surgery procedures to correct these issues, including:

Because every Detroit woman is different, it is important to seek the professional guidance of Dr. Rifai to determine which breast surgery procedures can help you best achieve the results you want.

Breast Implant Removal Procedure & Recovery

The breast implant removal process will vary depending on the type of breast implant you have. While saline breast implants may need to be emptied prior to removal, Dr. Rifai can typically perform the removal procedure using your original incision location to prevent further scarring.

The recovery from breast implant removal is minimal, and you should experience little to no pain after the surgery is complete. You will only be restricted from activities that can prevent your incision from healing.

If you have additional questions about breast augmentation or the breast implant removal procedure, Dr. Rifai can address them during your consultation.

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