Can I Wear a Bikini After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is a great way to regain the flat stomach you had when you were younger. Whether your excess skin is the result of recent weight loss or a former pregnancy, a tummy tuck can remove that skin and leave you with a stomach that reflects your current fitness level.

A tummy tuck can also be used to:

  • Eliminate back pain caused by excess stomach mass
  • Restore your body to its pre-pregnancy state
  • Get rid of stretch marks after a pregnancy or weight loss
  • Make your body look years younger

As you can see, the tummy tuck is a useful cosmetic surgery procedure with multiple applications. However, abdominoplasty also leaves a sizable scar after the surgery. Many of the patients who visit our Dundee offices are worried about the scar, and what it means for their dress options going forward. They want to know if they will still be able to wear a bikini, or a shirt that exposes their belly.

Questions like these are a big reason why it’s important to choose your cosmetic surgeon carefully. Every cosmetic surgeon knows that patients want the scar from a tummy tuck placed below their waistline, where it won’t show. However, the scar will almost always migrate upward after a surgery, after the skin heals and becomes more taut. Good surgeons, like Dr. Rifai at Birmingham Cosmetic, know how to compensate for this. Some surgeons do not.

If you want to ensure that your tummy tuck operation goes smoothly, have it done by Dr. Rifai at Birmingham Cosmetic. With over thirty years’ experience and thousands of satisfied former patients, he has a proven record of excellence in cosmetic surgery procedures of every type. If you live in Dundee, Birmingham, Southfield, or the greater Detroit area, set up an appointment with Birmingham Cosmetic today by dialing (248) 723-9370 today.