How Visible is a Tummy Tuck Scar?

Many of our Detroit-area tummy tuck patients ask this question before their tummy tuck procedure. Every surgery will leave some scar. A tummy tuck is no different. However, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rifai understands that you are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance and will do his best to minimize the appearance of any scar so that you are left with results that you can be proud of while wearing the clothing you feel best in.

With a tummy tuck, Dr. Rifai will make an incision across your lower abdomen. This scar will fade over time and should be easily hidden by your clothing or swimsuits.

Remember that your body will need time to fully recover from your procedure. If you have a specific occasion in mind that you need your best bikini body for, make sure to schedule your tummy tuck far enough in advance to give your body time to heal.

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