Improve The Look of Your Skin

Sun damage and age can affect the appearance of your facial skin, making you appear older and more tired. A chemical peel can help skin look and feel smoother and refreshed. Dr. Rifai’s chemical peels use one of two acids: TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and Phenol (carbolic acid). These acids help resurface the skin by removing some of the topmost layers, revealing smoother skin.

TCA/Phenol- Overview

This procedure starts with a deep cleansing of the face, followed by an application of the acid solution. Dr. Rifai uses his well-studied technique to control the results of this procedure, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

TCA/Phenol- Recovery

Immediately following your chemical peel, the newly exposed facial surface is covered with Vaseline to protect the area. You may experience some swelling or initial discomfort, however this resolves fairly quickly. Following this procedure, the skin peels in reaction to the chemical peel, however this is completed within 2-8 days. Your new, smoother skin will look slight flushed and pink, however this too subside within 2-8 weeks.

Dr. Rifai has years of expertise in all cosmetic procedures and can discuss how a chemical peel may be right for you at your consultation.

Frequently Asked TCA/Phenol Questions

Q: Is there any down time after the procedure?
Answer: 2 days – 10 days depending on the depth of the peel.

Q: Are the effects permanent?
Answer:  Yes, but skin care and protection are necessary to maintain a healthy, youthful skin.

Q: Will the color of my skin change?
Answer: Only in the cases of deep peels, this may be a possibility.