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What Areas of the Body can be Treated with Liposuction?

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One of the reasons liposuction is the most popular body contouring procedure in the United States is that it is capable of addressing nearly any part of the body. Areas that Detroit cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rouchdi Rifai can treat with liposuction include:

  • Ankles, calves, and thighs
  • Hips, waist, and buttock
  • Abdomen, lower back, and flanks
  • Mid back, upper back, and arms
  • Neck and face

Practically any area of the body with stubborn deposits of excess fat can be treated with liposuction to restore definition and greatly improve contours. In many instances, Dr. Rifai can treat more than one area at a time, helping enhance the appearance of your entire body.

Advanced Liposuction Techniques

Our Southfield liposuction surgeon uses advanced liposuction techniques such as tumescent and ultrasound assisted liposuction (UAL) to help maximize results and increase safety for our patients. These techniques make complete removal of fatty tissue easier while preserving adjacent tissue to minimize stress on the body. They may also help reduce bleeding and may even shorten your recovery time. The technique best for your needs will be determined during your liposuction consultation with Dr. Rifai.

To learn more about your liposuction options in Detroit, Southfield, or surrounding areas of Michigan, please contact Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery & today to schedule an initial consultation with our board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

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