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7 Things to Know Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

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Each year, many people decide to have cosmetic or plastic surgery to correct some part of their body. Tummy tuck surgery is one of the many options available. It’s a popular procedure for both women and men that involves tightening the skin and underlying muscles to achieve a slimmer, taut stomach. These are seven things to know if you’re considering a tummy tuck:

1. There Are Different Tummy Tuck Techniques

There are different tummy tuck procedures that can be utilized based on your concerns– talk to Dr. Rifai about what techniques he prefers and what he can do for you.

A full tummy tuck is appropriate when you need your full stomach addressed. It tackles the issue of fat, excess skin, and the abdominal wall. A mini tummy tuck only addresses the lower abdominal area and an extended tummy tuck involves tightening a larger amount of skin. In some cases, liposuction may also be performed alongside tummy tuck procedures.

2. It’s Not for Weight Loss

You should already be at your ideal weight when considering a tummy tuck. This is because it’s not a weight loss procedure. Typically, candidates for tummy tuck have excess skin and fat that they haven’t been able to shed from dieting and exercise alone.

3. You Should Maintain Realistic Expectations

Before a tummy tuck, you should have realistic expectations with the procedure. You won’t magically transform overnight. You may not have a flat stomach or six-pack abs– the outcome of your procedure depends on your muscle tone and your level of abdominal fat.

4. Recovery Isn’t Immediate

Your recovery isn’t immediate after a tummy tuck. Depending on various factors, it can take weeks or even months to see your final results. You may also be unable to perform your regular daily activities for several weeks.

5. Surgery Takes Time

Tummy tuck surgery is performed over three to four hours. The surgeon makes a horizontal incision between the hip bones that spans across the lower abdomen. From there, the doctor removes excess skin and sometimes, fat through liposuction. The underlying muscles are tightened and repaired before the incision is closed. Doctors work slowly and carefully so that minimal scarring occurs.

6. Preparation Is Essential

Before a tummy tuck, you should be prepared. This means you need to follow Dr. Rifai’s instructions, consume a healthy diet, and ensure that you have an appropriate spot at home for your recovery. For example, you may want to set up your bed or even living room couch as your recovery spot. You may also want a few meals pre-prepared ahead of your surgery.

7. You Need Support

After tummy tuck surgery, you need support at home to ensure that you can rest and recover. Have a close friend or family member stay with you for a few days to care for you, your children, and your pets. They can assist you with other things as well such as going to the store and running other errands as needed.

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