Breast Implant Rippling

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Rippling is an aesthetic imperfection with breast implants that can be caused by factors including the type of implant used, the implant’s filling, and where your breast surgeon placed the implant itself. Shell rippling, which is the most common type, is often more visible in women with little natural breast tissue who have had implants placed above the muscles in the chest, a placement known as submammary. Saline implants have a lower viscosity than silicone implants, making them more likely to result in visible rippling when placed in the submammary location as well.

How to Avoid Ripples

At Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery & in Michigan, we offer a number of breast enlargement options that may help reduce visible rippling. If you have very little natural breast tissue, your breast surgeon may recommend placing your implants submuscularly, below the muscles in your chest. If you have sufficient breast tissue to cover a submammary placement, we may recommend silicone filling to help reduce instances of rippling.

Our goal is your long-term satisfaction. During your initial consultation, we will assess your frame, discuss your options, and help you determine what will best help ensure long-lasting results.

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