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Average Recovery Times for 5 Common Breast Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery can be a remarkable experience that can greatly improve your quality of life, and understanding these procedures will help you know what…

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Breast Augmentation Birmingham

Some women lose volume and definition in their breasts after pregnancy or weight loss, while others have never been satisfied with the size of…

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All There Is to Know about Breast Implants

It is very common for women to be insecure about their breasts. Many women feel that their breasts are inadequate, resulting in self-confidence issues….

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How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation

Have you ever felt insecure about your breasts? Some women lose mass in their breasts after they lose weight or have a pregnancy. Other…

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When Will My Breast Implants Feel Normal?

Perennially the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States, breast augmentation is also a relatively simple surgery with a quick recovery time….

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Customizing Your Breast Augmentation

Selecting breast augmentation is a very personal decision, and sifting through all of the information can be confusing. But did you know that each…

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Breast Augmentation Benefits

For most Detroit women, a breast augmentation is about more than just the physical improvement of your chest. The real benefits are seen in…

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Live an Active Lifestyle after Breast Augmentation

While your appearance is a major factor when considering breast augmentation, your health and lifestyle are just as important. The good news is that…

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How Should I Prepare for Breast Augmentation?

Preparing for your breast augmentation procedure can help you achieve better results, and it can also facilitate a faster and easier recovery. While it…

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What are my Breast Augmentation Incision Options?

It’s mid-summer in Detroit and summer wardrobes are all around us. With swim-suit season in full swing, potential breast augmentation candidates might be wondering…

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