Exercise with Breast Implants

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Being dissatisfied with the shape, size, or profile of your breasts doesn’t change based on your exercise choices. Neither should your exercise choices be a hindrance to your ability to undergo breast augmentation. However, to ensure your athletic performance is not affected, it is important that you discuss your physical activities with your Michigan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rifai prior to receiving breast implants. There are certain breast enlargement options that can be offered to ensure you achieve the look you want without impacting your physical abilities.

Breast Augmentation and Exercise

For a majority of women, breast implants will have no bearing on physical exertion. On the other hand, some breast enlargement options such as implant placement and size can impact those involved in extremely demanding or competitive sports.

It is important that you discuss your physical needs with Dr. Rifai prior to the placement of breast implants, particularly if you engage in activities such as:

  • Competitive swimming
  • Weight lifting
  • Upper body sports including golf, baseball/softball, and hockey

These activities will not keep you from getting breast implants, but will play a role in the surgical options chosen to accommodate your aesthetic desires and physical needs.

To learn more about how your exercise routine can affect your breast implant choices, please call 248-723-9370 or contact Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule your consultation in Michigan.

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