Why Winter is the Best Time For Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Body hair is a natural part of life — but sometimes you just want to be rid of it! If you’re seeking a permanent solution, laser hair removal is a highly effective treatment option. How does it work?

Trained technicians use laser energy to target hair follicle pigments, damage the follicle, and stop the regrowth cycle.

Is there an ideal time of year to do laser removal? While treatment can be done successfully at any time of the year, starting treatments in the wintertime can be incredibly beneficial.

Skin Is Lighter in the Winter

Lasers are naturally attracted to hair pigmentation, and targeting the pigment and the hair follicle is part of the laser removal process. Since our skin tends to be lighter or paler in winter, there is often more contrast between hair and the skin during that time, allowing for more precise work.

Swelling Is Less Likely in Winter

Do you need another reason why the chillier months are best for laser hair removal? Cold weather constricts blood vessels, which reduces swelling. This means having laser treatments in the winter will lead to fewer issues with swelling after treatment, and the recovery process will be a bit more comfortable.

Sunburns Are Less Likely in the Winter

When you’re struggling with a sunburn, the last thing you want to do is get a laser hair removal treatment. The added heat will amplify the pain.

Any lotions and medications you may need to soothe sunburns can also affect the treatment area. Using them before or after a laser removal procedure can negatively affect the results and add to your discomfort.

But by having your laser hair removal treatment in the winter, you don’t have to worry about any of that, as you’re much less likely to have a sunburn.

Staying Inside Is More Common During the Winter

Your skin may be slightly irritated after laser hair removal treatments. But since staying inside during chilly months is more common, you’re less likely to expose yourself to excess sun exposure that may irritate the skin.

Just remember to wear clothing that’s light to the touch to your appointment to mitigate contact irritation issues.

You’ll Be All Set for the Summer!

The last reason why winter is ideal for laser hair removal is timing. If you get it done early in the year during the cold months, you’ll be looking your best when the weather warms up. You can show off your new hair-free body in shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits!

Start Your Laser Hair Removal Journey at Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery

If you want to achieve the best possible results and avoid some of the complications, start your laser hair removal journey in the winter. Not only will your skin be completely hair-free by the time summer comes around, but you’ll also save lots of money by not buying razors or booking waxing appointments.

Take the first step today and schedule a consultation with our team at Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery. Call our Southfield, Port Huron, Plymouth, or Dundee, MI locations or use our online contact form.

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